FED by water

What do you know about sparkling tap water? Not much right? We had never come across it, or even heard whispers of it until Italian restaurant, FED by water offered us a bubbly option to our “tap water for the table” choice. And can we just tell you – that tap water tasted fresh! 

FED by water’s objective is to bring the nutritional importance of pure water to public conscience. 

“Our bodies need a regular injection of pure water to function properly; this is the very essence of our health and the basis of a strong body and mind”  FED by Water

All food at FED by water is prepared using filtered and purified water. Their approach is focused around being conscious of where each and every raw material comes from. They then ensure that all bacterial activity is eliminated, by cooking with those ingredients that very same day. FED promise to never carry any of their ingredients over to the following day – which is extremely admirable given the potential cost implication. FED by water say that taking such conscious steps, ahead of cooking, promotes high digestibility as well as providing maximum flavour. And the flavour we can vouch for wholeheartedly…

Not going to lie, it took a while for us to decide what to have. Everything looked too good and reading through the selection of mock meat and cheese options was an experience in itself. Every pizza can be cooked in traditional style or folded into a calzone. We decided we have to go halves and opted for the Four Stagioni Calzone and Heaven Pizza. 

Four Stagioni Calzone, £13.95FED

The Calzone could not have been more packed full of ham, mushrooms and cheese and you could fully taste every single ingredient. We think you might get more toppings if you go for the calzone version but that’s not to say the pizza wasn’t also great…

Heaven Pizza, £13.95FEDThis was a really unbelievable meal and those meats and cheeses just tasted too good! Must be something in the water 😉

So where is this place? FED is a two minute walk from Dalston Junction Overground station. Turn left out of the station and then right onto the main road. You’ll see FED by water at the left hand side of the Kingsland Shopping Centre front.

What’s the price saying? £30 for a meal for two


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